Kimnath (“Nath”) Nou came to Crestone, Colorado, from her native Cambodia in 1999. Her ancestors were mainly Chinese but also Thai, Vietnamese, and Khmer, bloodlines reflected in her cooking.

Both her Thai great grandmother on her mother’s side and Vietnamese grandmother on her father’s side were exemplary cooks, the former owning a restaurant in north-western Cambodia and the latter only cooking in Buddhist temples during festivals.

Nath’s organic, healthy, and authentic touch to cooking was immediately recognized in the community, where she catered and cooked for special events and as a guest chef in multiple cafes and restaurants in Crestone and the upper San Luis Valley.

The Crestone Eagle wrote that “Nath’s cuisine is a reflection of who she is, representing both her blood lines and her warm-hearted spirit. Crestone is blessed to be enriched by her presence and nourished by her food.”

Nath and her family, including her 12 year-old son, moved to Santa Fe in 2009 where she  cooks at Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen in Santa Fe 3 nights / week, Wed-Fri and recently (2016) won the “souper bowl” event with her Tom Yum soup!

in 2014 Nath won the “Best Seafood Soup” contest


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